Do's & Dont's
of Curly hair


Be gentle with your hair

Shampoo the roots of your hair only when necessary

Soak your hair with water,  and use conditioner on mid-lengths and ends to help with detangling and curl definition

Comb hair with hands or wide tooth comb

Use silicone and sulphate FREE conditioners shampoos and styling products.

Apply hair products to wet or soaking wet hair

Use thin linen or cotton  (tea towels or t-shirts) to blot dry hair

Keep heat styling to a minimal and always use a diffuser attachment with hairdryer.
Keep hairdryers on a low heat and

speed setting to avoid frizz

Have your hair cut when its dry and in its naturally curly shape

Only have your hair cut with scissors

Find out your hair type, curl type,

porosity and density as this determines the right products and care routine for your hair.


Be rough with your hair

Scrub the ends of your hair with shampoo

Brush hair with hairbrushes or detangle brushes

Use silicone based shampoos conditioners or styling products

Apply product to dry frizzy hair

Scrub or rub hair dry with a body towel

Use hot curling wands or hair straighteners too often

Blast hair with a hairdryer

Have hair straightened before a hair cut, or cut when soaking wet

Have hair cut with feathering razors or thinning scissors

Give up on learning about your hair