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Rizo loco was founded in 2018 by creative director Jo Gray.

After over a decade in the hairdressing industry working in Australia and the UK, Jo  developed an enthusiasm for working with hair in a more natural style.

Since 2015, she has been working exclusively with naturally curly wavy, coily and textured hair types.

The vision for Rizo Loco was not only to offer advice and create wearable hairstyles for guests, but also to provide a more sustainable and environmentally conscious service.


Rizo Loco is an open and welcoming space, where all guests are encouraged to embrace their individuality and naturally curly hair.

Meet The Team


What do you do at Rizo Loco?

I am here to meet and greet everyone and bring happiness to the salon.

I also like being a listening ear for all Rizo Loco Guests and my co-workers.


Going to the dog park


Having Treats

Relaxing at the wash basin chairs.

Rebecca Gauci

What do you do at Rizo Loco?

I am a curly hair specialist. I like to take the confusion out of doing your hair. My aim is to create beautiful haircuts and simple hair routines for my guests that will give them consistent, beautiful results, unique to their hair type every time. 








Keyma Vasquez

What do you do at Rizo Loco?

I  am the salon assistant  and all rounder .I do my best to make people feel welcomed and comfortable every time they step in the salon . Curly talks are a must with most customers it makes them feel connected and sometimes helps releasing the anxiety of first time curlies. 









What do you do at Rizo Loco?

I am a curly hair specialist .I try my best to visualise then execute the haircuts guests are looking for. I like everyone to feel relaxed and have a good time, I strive to give guests wearable hair, and some new hair tips and tricks to help make styling  easy at home.





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